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About us

GoLocum was established by professionals, for professionals. Our comprehensive Umbrella service ensures competitive rates, and our years of experience ensure a risk-averse and compliant approach that adheres to current legislation and regulations.

As a Locum, managing administration like your own payroll can be a daunting task, but at GoLocum we strive to make it as simple as possible. Experience our high level of customer service, the foundation of our industry reputation, in the handling of all administration including Payroll, Tax, and National Insurance. Our first-rate services enable our Locum professionals to focus on their role and the services they offer.

Contact one our dedicated Relationship Managers on 0151 601 4897 to see how the UK’s most popular Locum payroll company can work harder for you.

When it comes to managing the payroll of a Locum, our experienced staff provide an industry-leading service.

Discover the value of working with a dedicated Relationship Manager, and a firm that is committed to helping Locums like you carry out your profession to the best of your ability.

Take home a competitive income without worrying about compliance or where you stand with HMRC when it comes to Tax and National Insurance.

What we offer

Our Umbrella service is simple, yet rewarding. Prompt payment is important to our Locums, so it’s important to us.

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GoLocum understands how precious your time is, which is why insurance is included with all the services we offer.

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GoLocum is connected to Pension and Mortgage industry leaders. We are much more than just an average Umbrella company.

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Start taking advantage of:

  • Competitive pricing that is second to none
  • PAYE payments with your Tax and NI deducted, paid at source
  • Complimentary Professional Indemnity, Employers’ & Public Liability Insurance
  • Access to the company pension scheme

Introduce your friend

Hundreds of Locum professionals trust GoLocum and benefit from our offering, but we don’t want to stop there.

As a GoLocum client, you can assist your friends and colleagues while boosting your earnings by referring them to GoLocum today.

It can be difficult for Locums to find an honest and reliable umbrella company, so if you are pleased with the service that GoLocum offers you, make sure you let your friends and colleagues enjoy the same benefits.

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